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Homes On Big Lots

Looking for a home on a larger lot?   Below are the locations and reference addresses of where we have available homes being built.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Homes on acreage tracts. 


  1. Rock Springs Midland Road – Christiana (3552 Rock Springs Midland Road, Christiana).  Look for the 2 silos across the street from this property and you will see the land.  Most floor plans can be found here.


  1. Highship Road – Halls Hill Pike Area (3813 Highship Road, Murfreesboro)


  1. Wilson Overall Bradyville Pike Area ( Across the street from 2951 Wilson Overall Road, Murfreesboro)


  1. Dilton Mankin – Bradyville Pike Area (Next to 2402 Dilton Mankin Road, Murfreesboro)_


  1. Bradyville Pike – Brady Ville Pike Area (7155 Bradyville Pike, Murfreesobor0)



  1. Newtown Road – Christiana (8818 Newtown Road, Rockvale, TN)


  1. Gossburg – Beechgrove (Just past 4556 Gossburg Road,  Beachgrove)


  1. North Milton Road ( 7391 N Milton Road, Milton TN)
  • Tract 1 – 3.03 acres
  • Tract 2- 2.42 acres
  • Tract 4 – 2.72 acres
  • Tract 4 – 5 acre tract







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