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Semi-Custom Homes

Experienced Semi-Custom Home Builders in Middle Tennessee

Most of us simply ride the housing market like boats on the open sea. But some of us choose to rise above it by buying land and building a home ourselves. Every house has an emotional component and a financial component. We shouldn’t maximize our investment at the expense of comfort, but we shouldn’t choose comfort over long-term value, either. Building a semi-custom home with your needs, preferences, and future in mind creates maximum value.

At Michael’s Homes, we bring three decades of home-building experience to clients throughout Middle Tennessee. Tell us what you need from your new nest, and let us check every item on your list.

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Learn more about our home-building process, and check out our floor plans to start designing your new home.

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Semi-Custom Home Building FAQs

On average, custom home builders are slightly more expensive per square foot compared to purchasing an older or existing home. That said, it may cost less to build your dream home than you think.

At Michael’s Homes, we use dozens of floor plans as a launching point for construction. This allows us to expand and contract your project to fit any budget. With near-endless opportunities for customization, you can fill in the details however you’d like. Splurge on exquisite fixtures and flooring or conserve your funds for the details that matter most—the decision is yours!

The price of a custom home can vary wildly—from something like the average cost of an existing home to the sky-high fees associated with mansions and cutting-edge design.

At Michael’s Homes, you’ll discover that the majority of our floorplans fit within your budget. With four distinct floor plan tiers to choose from, you can count on your project to cost somewhere between $300K and $800K, depending on the details.

Custom homes can be any shape, any size, any floor plan, and any style. Semi-custom homes, meanwhile, are customizable to a point.

At Michael’s Homes, you’ll start with one of our spacious and efficient floor plans. Beyond that, the choices are nearly limitless. From tiles and flooring to cladding, fixtures, and so much more, semi-custom homes offer plenty of choices while fitting better into your budget.

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A blank canvas can be its own form of pressure. Let’s talk about our past projects, your must-have dream home features, and your budget to get the ball rolling today. The sooner you start, the sooner you can move in!

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Let’s nail down a budget, a floor plan, and a location. After that, the fun can begin. We’ll talk flooring, fixtures, siding, natural light, energy efficiency, and so much more. Get the ball rolling on your dream home today!

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