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Crunchy Spiced Wings

Are you looking for something quick and easy for your Super Bowl party this weekend?

If you haven’t purchased an air fryer, we highly recommend adding this to your plethora of kitchen accessories. You can purchase a 5, 8 or 10 quart air fryer from just about any retail location, and prices range from $90 to $200. We bought our 5 quart from Target for $89.

Below is a simple and delicious recipe for wings.

Ingredients – Weber Veggie Grill Seasoning (70 mg of sodium), 1 lemon, 10 oz jar of Baswell’s Jalapeno Pepper Jelly (Publix) and avocado oil.

Directions – 10 wings with wing tips will fit comfortably in a 5-quart air fryer.

1. Coat your wings with the avocado oil and then season generously with the veggie grill seasoning.

2. Put the wings in your air fryer, temp on 370 and cook for 20 minutes if the fryer hasn’t had a chance to warm up. If the fryer is warm cook for 17 minutes.

3.While the wings are cooking, melt 5 oz of the jelly on the stove and add some zest from your lemon.

4. At the 7 minute mark on your fryer, take the wings out and toss them in your jelly/zest mixture. Put the wings back in the fryer and let them finish cooking.

The wings are sooooo good you will slap somebody, and that’s a promise!!!

If you try this recipe let us know what you think or if you have a recipe you would like to share… [email protected].

Superbowl Forecast – it should be a great game. Don’t know if 49ers defense has enough to stop the Chiefs potent offense: Chiefs 43 – 49ers 38

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