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Custom Builder – Custom Building, how much does it really COST?

Many people hear the phrase, “custom home” and automatically draw a conclusion the home is going to break the bank or walk away thinking, “there is no way I can afford a custom home”. What most people don’t understand about the semi-custom build process, options and selections are done on the front end, allowing the buyer to have more control of where their money is being spent.

Let’s say you are considering purchasing a 2,600, 3 bed, 2.5 bath home for $300K. You’ve viewed a little over 10 homes but you can’t find the home that is meeting your needs. While visiting your parents in another state, they showed you several homes in their neighborhood that was for sale. You fell in love with one of the plans but there were some minor changes you wanted to make.

You contact Michael’s Homes and meet with with the sales director to go over your changes. The sales director notices we have the same exact plan in our portfolio of several hundred plans and confirmed we can build the plan with your changes. Depending on your final selections and location of where you want to build, your semi-custom home is built within your budget.

Let’s say we didn’t have the plan in our portfolio. We have an onsite architect that can draw your plan. Just one of the many tools at your disposal.

As a custom builder, we know the process can be complex, which is why we have the responsibility to keep refining our processes to help improve the customer experience. We provide an unrivaled building process that ensures you get the home you want.

Are you looking to build? Looking for a plan to meet your needs? Send us an inquiry.

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