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Building Your Dream Home with Michael’s Homes: A Guide to Our Presale Process

Discover the Benefits of Presale Homes with Michael’s Homes


At Michael’s Homes, we recognize that building your dream home is more than just a construction project—it’s a personal journey. We’re thrilled to reintroduce our presale process, which allows homebuyers to customize their homes either on one of our lots or on their own land.


Why Choose Presale?

During the presale process, homebuyers are in control, selecting the ideal lot and tailoring the design to their specific needs. Importantly, buyers can secure pricing before construction commences, protecting against market fluctuations. Notably, during challenging times, such as the recent pandemic, Michael’s Homes maintained contract stability without shifting costs to our clients, even when material prices increased.


Our Streamlined Building Process


Introductory Meeting: Begin your journey with a detailed consultation, where you’ll meet with our new construction representative and interior designer to discuss your visions and needs for your semi-custom home. This initial discussion covers everything from floor plan selection to must-have features, ensuring we fully understand your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. Our approach here is not only to gather information but to provide insights into what makes a Michael’s Homes build unique.

Contract Signing: Once your desires and budget are clearly outlined, and the perfect plan has been chosen, we proceed to formalize our agreement. The contract signing phase is crucial, as it ensures transparency and sets clear expectations. The new construction representative will provide you with an accurate price point and estimated building timeline, which will be included in the formal contract.


Planning and Design: Post-contract, you’ll finalize the blueprints with our architectural and internal designer. Once approved, our team procures the necessary permits.


Pre-Construction Phase: Prior to building,  a thorough site walkthrough with your builder ensures there are no surprises regarding the placement of your home, keeping in mind municipal and utility regulations.


Construction Process: Construction takes 6-8 months, during which your home’s structure is meticulously built with high-quality materials and standards. All trusses and walls are site built.


Framing Walkthrough: This key phase lets you make essential decisions like door swings and lighting placements, allowing you to personalize the space.


Concrete Walkthrough: Around 60 days before closing, determine how to utilize a set amount of concrete for driveways or patios, with flexibility to adjust as needed.


Final Walkthrough: Conduct a home inspection and blue tape walkthrough about 30 days before closing, followed by a final review days before you move in to ensure everything meets your expectations.


A Partnership You Can Trust


With Michael’s Homes, you’re not just building a house; you’re creating your dream home. Our team is committed to a personalized experience, making sure your new home reflects your desires and aspirations.


Begin Your Home-Building Journey Today


Contact us today to explore our presale opportunities and start building the home you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re a newcomer or a longtime resident in the area, we are here to guide you every step of the way.


Let’s build something beautiful together! DREAM. BUILD. LIVE. ENJOY.

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