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La Vergne, TN a great place to live?

Why La Vergne, TN will be a destination place to live.

What does Dirk Ash, principle of La Vergne High and Senna Mosley, mayor of La Vergne have in common? Perception. Both have been working diligently to change people’s perception of the city and high school. Mayor Mosley has been working through with past decisions made by the previous administration that put the city in a financial bind. The government was forced to double property taxes in an effort to make up financial shortfalls. Even though property taxes doubled, the property tax in La Vergne is still one of the lowest in Middle, Tennessee.

La Vergne, a population of 40K+ is also known for industry. There isn’t a lot of retail shopping in La Vergne when compared to neighboring cities: Smyrna and Murfreesboro. The lack of retail shopping has been painful, because part of the cities budget is derived from retail tax revenue.

Just recently an announcement was made that Walmart is planning to build a new store in La Vergne, off Murfreesboro Road and Fergus. The store is expected to open in 2016 and plans to hire 300-400 people. The tax revenue will also give the city a boost.

Why does Walmart building in La Vergne make La Vergne a destination place to live?

Have you ever been to Monroeville, Alabama? It’s a small town made up of industry businesses, similar to La Vergne. Monroeville used to be the home of clothing manufacturer, Vanity Fair. Vanity Fair was the destination place for employment until they closed their operations plant, resulting in many residents scrambling for employment opportunities elsewhere. For some time Monroeville was a desolate place until a few years ago when Walmart built a new store. Walmart’s investment revitalized Monroeville. Today there are new businesses and shopping centers popping-up everywhere. Believe it or not Walmart is a catalyst for retail growth.

A large part of La Vergne is zoned for the new high school, Stewarts Creek and Dirk Ash continues to revolutionize La Verne High. The Walmart deal in La Vergne is only the beginning.. La Vergne will be a destination place to buy or purchase a home in the future. Taxes are still one of the lowest in Middle, TN.

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