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Our dirty little secret

Our dirty little secret

Most of us probably won’t admit it, but inside our home is a dirty little secret. It’s probably a place that’s not seen by guests: bedroom, master bathroom, office, kitchen/bathroom sink or that one drawer in the kitchen where one can find a pencil, pen, battery, tape, staples, screw drive, hammer, the neighbors business card, etc.

Trying to find something under the kitchen or bathroom sink can sometimes be painful. How many times have you taken hair spray out and the bottle of peroxide just so happened to fall out?

We have a really simple idea that will help you organize under your kitchen/bathroom sink. You can purchase plastic tubs from any dollar store. Place all of your accessories (such as hair spray and lotion) in the tub and place under the counter. Take the tub out when you are ready to use it, and put it back under the counter when you are finished.



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